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Human resource capital is the most dynamic asset that will always have its impact on organization results, thereby, its overall success. By focusing on Human Resources recruitment, PhilQ save timein the areas you need it most and helping your company in taking right choice based on your budget and job requirement.

You can choose from all or some of our services like candidate sourcing and recommendations.

We assist inscreening, interviewing, managing all correspondence with candidates, assisting with reference checks and negotiations and more!

List of recruitment we deal with are

Long Term staffing

Short Term staffing

We undertake all aspects of the recruitment cycle:

Understand job specification

Match profiles to the specifications

Screen applicants

Conduct initial interviews

Submit shortlisted candidate profiles

Schedule your interview with applicants

Facilitate closure resulting in appointment

PhilQ International

Write-up for Long Term & short term under Recruitment

1- Long Term Staffing

Employees are recruited for long-term contract, where there’s no definite period of time involved. This type of staffing requirement is common in the professional and technical sectors, where people are required on a project-to-project basis. It makes more sense for these organizations to hire on a project basis than on a permanent basis, so as to avoid idling of human resources.

2- Short Term Staffing

Employees are recruited for temporary or short duration.

A) On trial staffing
The On trial staffingservice allows a company to take and employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements, the company may then take the employee onto their payrolls. It gives the Company a safe alternative to permanent hiring and allows the company to critically evaluate the capabilities and managerial skills of the employee in concern.

B) Temporary Staffing
Temporary employees are recruited for short duration contract for promotion works, Leave replacements or helps in supplementing the Existing staff¬ during times of high workload.

Writeup for Diff categories under Contract Staffing.

1- Sales prompters

We provide experienced Sales Promoters to promote and sell your products directly to your consumers in various malls and other locations. Whatever be your products our promoters are ready to sell it.These promoters are ambassadors of your products and will do their best to increase the sales targets.

Meetings will bearranged in regular intervals between the sales promoters and your company personal to evaluate their performance and how to promote more.

2- Office Assistance staffs

3- IT Personnel

Clients always feel a need to control their IT destiny and operations in a way which is viable, meets the business objective, technologically superior, cost effective and does not saddle them with too much of post implementation or post-project cost. You might need a consultant for a three month project, a full time hands-on project manager or you might have an existing team that needs staff augmentation to minimize downtime and maintain a consistent level of fulfilment.

We work with our clients to provide them specialized IT staffing services through a team which has got industry experience have been part of the project teams before and specialize only in different forms of IT recruitment and placement. Our consultants come with a domain specialization and do possess the highest level of technical expertise and professionalism.

4- Logistic & Transport staffs

5- Semi-Skilled staffs